Based in Los Angeles.


Andy in the studio
Joaquin in Sound City studios
by Alex Souetre
by linnea stephan
Live at Terragram Ballroom, 2017
Live in NYC, 2016
Andres @ Sound City studio B, 2015.
Patrick at The Echo, 2014-ish
Supercave somewhere, sometime
Collin at Broke LA Fest 2017
Supercave in practice studio
Pat and Joaq on set of 'Right Thing' music video
by Linnea Stephan
Joaquin at The Troubadour, 2016
van nap andy
By Cara Robbins, for Noisey
Andres by Anastasia Velicescu
Pat and Joaq in Sound City, 2015
by Cara Robbins for Noisey
Patrick at the Echoplex, 2016
Collin, 2016
mutual appreciation after 1st headliner in Seattle
Supercave live at the Echoplex
Andy in LA, 2016
Joaquin at Pop Scene in San Francisco
Collin at Bimbo's 365, San Francisco
Supercave with drummer Rhys Hastings, backstage in LA
Supercave by Cara Robbins
Patrick on stage somewhere
Patrick in SF
in the studio with old pal the korg ms20
Joaq and Rhys Hatings in Austin, TX
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by Linnea Stephan